San Diego, Meet Navid

A few weeks ago this fella got the Positivity Award. And he wrote us his amazing story. Which we clearly need to share with you all. 

Every day you have the power to change lives – your own and others. Continue to change the world for the better. Like Navid says, you are all beautiful people.

Rock on. 

They say it takes a village to raise a man. Over the last eight months at November Project I’ve learned that my  ​”​village” needs a tribe in it like November Project.

What ​do ​I love ​so much ​about November Project​? It’s not the burpees, the squat-jacks, or the hill-repeats. Nor is it Sebastians…..What I love so much about November Project​ is our commitment and willingness to welcome with open arms​ any brightly-colored, high-fivin, “Fuck-yeah” screamin, tightly-huggin person that is willing to #JustShowUp​.​

That’s the greatest inclusion criteria​…​ever.

Why is th​is​
 criteria so ​important to me? Because I think the best way to sum-up my life is as a modern-day “nomad.” As a Jewish Iranian, my parents sought religious asylum to America when I was 9. I spent my entire adolescence feeling like an outsider looking in. Both in Iran​ where I had a different religion and even more so once I got to America where I didn’t know English at first​, I always felt like “the foreign kid​” and struggled to make friends.​

As I continue to ​move beyond those childhood experiences 
and build ​and learn to utilize my support-structures​,​ I am lucky to have my friends, family, and now November Project a​s pillars I​ rely on​ to help me become the person I want to be. 

​ ​
For this​ I thank you and feel blessed to have found a place I feel I fit in within a​ll of you beautiful people!!

​So continue to be bright, be happy, and be strong because t​he world needs every single one of you​—of us 🙂

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