Salute The Baby Pack! Salute Our Armed Forces! #PackDay @Nov_Project

WEDNESDAY, April 17th will be the first ever “Pack Day” at November Project. To salute the mothers who have brought their little ones with them to train and the hard working men and women in our armed forces, we’ll all wear a backpack to train in. If you happen to be a mom with a baby and want to get some NP props, NOW IS THE TIME. If you happen to be currently in the ROTC or are a proud veteran or are enrolled in some branch of the armed forces please come out and join us too!

For those of you out there who think you’re a badass dude/gal and want to use this as a way to get faster leading into the last Wednesday of the month (37 section time trial), we suggest you add 20 lbs to your pack. For those of you who simply want to make this a fun way to show your creativity, please consider filling your baby pack with a tickle-me-Elmo, live Ring-tailed lemur, or an Lauren Goodman sized human friend. Awards for creativity will go to the top LIKE‘d male and female in our Facebook album for the workout – So make sure you get photographed by Bojan with your pack before or after the workout.

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