Sally vs Roxanne (YEG)

If memory serves me right we first met Sally in this same place almost 2 years ago…March 10, 2014 to be exact. Roxanne was a little slow on the November Project uptake but she eventually decided to #justshowup and since then we’ve had a love-hate relationship with these two. 

This morning each of them wanted to just show how badass they could be by tackling our upper and lower bodies. Not sure who won the battle but I do know that the speakers lost – they are obviously not #weatherproof!

Hope you took a moment to admire our incredible city skyline as you shook your legs out during the active recovery jog 😉


Upcoming Events:

See you all:

Wednesday – You should be able to walk by then! 6AM Royal Glenora Stairs

Thursday – Stock up on #weatherproof gear! MEC Club Shopping Night 7-9pm, sport your grassroots gear

Friday – #hillsforbreakfast 6AM Walterdale Hill

Up-Upcoming Events:

December 7 – Snowdown-Showdown…there may be a little caroling involved 6AM Legislature Christmas Tree

December 23 – Sunrise? 6K

Until next time…SMILE! J

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