Safety Third (DCA)

I don’t know what’s first or second but safety is certainly third. Today we practiced our fire drills wherever the Park Police let us. They help keep us safe and allow us to (most days) run the steps at Lincoln. We appreciate that. So next time you see a security guard, National Park Service police officer, DC police officer, etc., thank them for their service.

There’s some big things poppin’ here in the District. And we know for sure that the District is not sleeping alone. Ok, enough with the great music. There’s a lot to go over so I’ll get straight to it:

1. Housekeeping: Any water bottles left at workout locations will hereby be confiscated. Also, please clean up any trash you leave. We have the privilege to work out all over the city. Let’s keep it clean. If you make fun of people leaving their water bottles and then leave your keys at the workout, you will be publicly shamed. Good work, Scott.


2. BIG news on the PR front. Boston has PR pizzas and we now have PR salads. How it works:

– In the next 7 days, make sure you have some sort of timekeeping device.

– Run 17 Lincoln Logs (from the pool to the top and down) for your best time on the last Wednesday of the month. Next week will be our baseline. If you throw the game, we’ll call you out and you won’t get delicious salad.

– Record it in the google form for official purposes (use the SAME NAME EVERY MONTH).

– Run 17 Logs next month and if you beat your own record, get free salad from Sweetgreen. Two local groups teaming up to build community and keep people healthy.

3. My better half has been missing for a couple weeks now…we want you back Danny and can’t wait for the FIRE you’re going to bring when you return. Here’s a little something to tell you how we feel:


4. FRIDAY: Location is Mitchell Park . Be there at 6:30AM to get weird and earn your weekend.

5. Feel free to make someone smile today. Make your community a better place. Spread some LOVE. Oh, and tell them about November Project DC.



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