Safe to say…

It is easy to say that we all killed it today. Like a rottweiler who smells weiner schnitzle in a convenient location in your pants, you were ready to “Kill! Kill! Kill!” It is safe to say that we all got a little high on life this morning. Like a wanna millionaire taking a first date to an oyster bar, you were rolling with the endorphins!  It is certain to say that the tribe is strong. Like the governator, with the strength of ten men and tight underwear, you wedgied your way up to the top and grunted with all your gusto.

The positivity award was awarded to Jared today who is a vital part of the tribe. Don’t know him? Give him a hug and get to know him.


Really it is safe to say that we love you and that PR day is only going to get better. Say goodbye to summer with Labor day coming around and welcome in the fall.



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