..is what Jeremy Reichenberger said this morning when talking about his plans for Valentine’s Day. In the snow and cold all winter long (so far anyways) Jeremy has been training for a marathon. A marathon that will take place this Sunday in 70 degree weather. The LA marathon. Well wishes and “good feels” to Jeremy while he travels out today and the best of luck (as if he’ll need it) on race day. Just don’t drink that #sixer “trophy” (beer) you won before the race, Jer.

The morning started out chilly, but we bounced and shook out our entire bodies until we were just a little bit warmer than when we started. The warm-up took us out onto the boardwalk and down under the Stone Arch Bridge to the bottom of memorial hill. The workout completed today is a true MSP staple, no matter what the weather, this workout is always HARD.

The workout: 6 hill reps completed at the start of a 5 minute time block. After completing the hill rep and coming back down to the bottom, we did a circuit of box jumps/step-ups, dips, and hot-footed lizzards until the 5 minutes were up. We then toed the line again to race up for reps 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally 6, each with the workout circuit to finish out the 5 minutes. 30 minutes of continuous hard effort, way to go tribe!


It’s getting to the point were we can actually see everyone’s faces now. That means spring is on its way. For those who haven’t experienced a spring or summer with us, they are awesome! Keep coming and tell your friends!

The photos this time of year are beautiful. The group gathered along the river’s edge for a quick snapshot and 6 lucky individuals went home with a #sixer “trophy.” The flavors this time were ..interesting to say the least.



We still have buffs! $5 dolla cash keeps your face warm. Bring $ to Holly on Wednesdays in exchange for one of these gems.

#Destination Fridays! Location TBA tomorrow, look for the pin drop! 6:27am somewhere!

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