Running With Ease

MONDAY MORNING.  In Beantown that means Destination Deck, and today the tribe met at the track by MIT for a unique and interesting Deck.  It was beautiful today–lots of tribey people represented well on socials with sunrise photos over the river–and seems like we’re in the groove with the warm summer mornings.

We are lucky to have a co-leader in Boston with great running/coaching experience, so today Evan shared some of his wisdom about running technique and creating greater ease and efficiency while running, especially over long distances.  Bottom line is: the endurance runner benefits most from an efficient stride, focusing on using gravity over muscle when possible.

So for the workout today, we started out with dynamic movements (instead of static stretches) so our bodies could get comfortable with the range of motion to be used. Standing still, we then experimented with posture improvements: pelvis rolled forward at the bottom (I can hear Chris Payne saying “OH YEAH!”), slight bend in the knees, and tall from hips through crown of the head. To really put this into practice, we then tried holding this posture while bending forward from the ankle and letting gravity pull us forward into a jog, making sure our foot strike was at or behind our hips when it struck the ground.

We also did a bunch of burpees throughout the workout, so you’re welcome for that.

As we continue to work on and develop ourselves as fit people, for FREE! it’s cool to explore new things, be hungry to learn, and be curious about how our bodies respond when we give it opportunities.
Today is a great day, go enjoy the heck out of it.
See what else you can lean into today and find a little ease 🙂

Wednesday: Newsflash, we will be running Stadium Stairs for the workout.  You know you wanna.  AND… for all those who took on the challenge, Frogust (Frogman in August) continues.  BOOM!  Can you #verbal?  Will you #verbal?  Are you badass enough to #verbal for Wednesday?


funny little disclaimer: Evan is not an official Chi Running coach, but today’s workout was inspired by it.  Also, NP makes no specific endorsement of Chi Running, but if anyone is interested in learning more about it, check out the googs for Danny Dreyer’s book on Chi Running.

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