Run of the Not Mill (DCA)

Today we got warm. We got weird. We got up. We got down. We got our week kickstarted with some delicious #HillsForBreakfast, Indiana Jones style. The numbers continue to go up as we spread a beautiful thing to the District. Free fitness, community, social workouts, call it whatever you want, I’ll guarantee this one thing: THIS IS NOT A RUN OF THE MILL WORKOUT/GROUP/COMMUNITY/CRAZY BUNCH OF YAHOOS. We are run of the not mill (yes, it’s a thing). There’s NOTHING like it.

Photo Nov 10, 7 18 11 AM

So don’t let #500inDC be the last big thing we do. Don’t let #3014 (3934 really) be the last big thing we do. 511 people at a workout is pretty effin’ stellar. Nearly 4,000 humans (and dogs) getting together in 16 cities to build community and get fit is fantastic. Blows my mind. But that means there’s roughly 5.8 million people (DC metro area) and just a smidge over 7 billion people that aren’t joining us. Change that. Keep recruiting. November Project is for EVERYONE. Your fitness level doesn’t matter. Neither does your age. One thing matters: POSITIVITY. This community works hard but does it while smiling. Why? #JustShowUp to find out (it has nothing to do with Kool-aid).



That is all.



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