Roxanne, Hills, Roxanne (PHL)

Did you know that Sting’s real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner…yeah, me neither.  In any event, Sting and the Police made not one, but TWO guest appearances this morning.  For those who didn’t get out of bed…you missed it.  You missed music royalty and you missed a fun filled workout of running, squatting and burpeeing…

We started today’s workout on the grassy knoll of Lemon Hill.  To add a little background to this workout, if you went to college in America in the past 25 years or are versed in drinking games — there is a well known game that is played while listening to the song ‘Roxanne’ by The Police.  The version that I played would consist of two teams — one team is assigned the name “Roxanne” while the other is assigned “red light” and “red dress.”  When you hear your word or phrase sung, you drink.  If you have ever heard this song before, not only are these lyrics plentiful but they are frequent, back-to-back, and non-stop.  Needless to say ‘Roxanne’ has contributed to a few hangovers.

Our version of Roxanne consisted of one team — the entire Tribe.  When “Roxanne” was sung, the Tribe did a burpee, when “red light” or “red dress” was sung, the Tribe did a squat.  This was 3+ minutes of burpee-squats that left legs shaking and lungs heaving.  We started our workout listening/burpee-squating to ‘Roxanne.’  We then ran (5) 3/4 mile loops of undulating hills around Lemon Hill Mansion.  We finished the loops with a huge cheer tunnel and proceeded to take on ‘Roxanne’ once more.  We hugged, we high-fived and we proved that the song ‘Roxanne’ can make you think about puking without even taking a sip of alcohol.  Have a great weekend!

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