Roxanne and the Thunderstrucks

One day only at the Tri-Century Club!

“With both parents gone away to the bay
The sitters took all the kiddies to play…
And for disturbing the peace
Someone called the police
But only F@*# yeahs were given- we united LA.”

With Mom & Dad out of town, the tribe traipsed their way across the city to picturesque Echo Park for a little outdoor music festival on Field Trip Friday. And we didn’t have to solve any captchas or pay any convenience fees- this concert was $FREE.99!

We started things off by waking up with the dawn in a dance circle by the world famous Lady of the Lake. The venue was dewy, and the tribe got moist as the melodious sounds of burpee grunts and squeaky squats set to “Roxanne” echoed across the water for the opening act.

For the Headliner, the crowd partnered up and boogied down to sets of 100 push ups, 100 supermans and 100 leg throws, punctuated by the melismatic cries of spontaneous hoisties on the deck.

BOOM! That’s the sound of choreographed high five planks over the sweet licks of “Thunderstruck” for the encore.

We rocked out today. We ended up muddy and a little goose poopy. We got high (on fitness) and we made new friends. Our crew of rabblerousers pushed each other faster and further, and we did it together, over a chorus of high fives and sweaty hugs.

We leave you with this simple thought from your humble babysitters for today’s concert, “It’s not a legendary show unless someone calls the cops.”

Jesse & Angel

and p.s. To the early bird ninja that stole Jesse’s Pepino Limon Gatorade, we hope you liked it. Next time, please stay for the workout. You’ll be glad you did.


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