Roses, Races and Random Flash Mobs


Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. We all got out of Bed. If you didn’t, than BOO-HOO.

Today was good, I mean real good.  Like a double stuffed Oreo dipped in some warm beer good.

We zig zagged, dashed, dipped, hopped, jumped, sprinted, wall sitted, raced and hugged a lot.

Lots of people and dogs ran into the cacti.  Thank god we have insurance, am I right?


Just when we thought the morning couldn’t get any better. It did.  We pushed it real good.

A flash mob broke out.  I thought that shit only happened in movies.

Turns out anything can happen at November Project, at any time. More of a reason to never forget to #justshowup.

Things to numb the brain:

  • Monday is at Mt. Soledad 6:29am
  • Following Monday is Sunrise 6K at Crystal Pier
  • Thanks to lulu for your generous gift cards to all!




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