Rock, Paper, Sh!t Talk (MSP)

A successful weekend in the books for plenty of Minnesota runners, and among them, plenty of November Project members. Congrats, once again, to all of you Grandma’s Marathon finishers.

Good Morning! Fuck Yeah! Bounce!

Our new workout this week piggybacked on a classic game. The game, Rock-Paper-Scissors. November Project is a welcoming environment, however shit-talking is in full effect whenever Rock-Paper-Scissors is involved.

The workout went like this…

Homebase was under the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. From there, there we’re three routes that every tribesmen rotated through – up left the staircase to the bridge and around the pillar, up the right staircase and around the pillar, and down the bike path to river-level. Upon returning from every route, we were obligated to a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner of each round earned the right to pushups, while the losers got stuck with burpees. The amount of each grew as you progressed through the workout – 2,4,6, then 8 burpees or pushups.


The tribe got loud for 15 or 20 minutes of this workout. But the last ten was all huffing and puffing.

The tribe worked hard Wednesday, and will be at it again this Friday. See you on the stairs at the U of M Boathouse, 6:27am, Friday.

Peace, Love, Unity


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