Rock, Paper, Scissors Isn’t For Everyone (SD)

This morning included a lot of weird things.

First we hugged without our arms.

Then we bounced facing backwards.

Then we took to the jungle for round two: Rock, Paper, Scissors edition. Turns out the homeless man with his shorts around his knees doesn’t like to play RPS. Who knew.

Finally we had Balboa Park’s longest ever line of humans doing the plank in the history of planking.

Lastly, we gave the Positivity Award to Chuck Diesel. If you don’t know Chuck, you are missing out.

As Ice Cube says, today was a good day. [youtube][/youtube]


Drumroll Please…

– Congrats to Sophie Ruby, Kimberly Gutstein, and Kellie Ellerman for snagging themselves a coveted Buff. I’m pretty sure they FB messaged me before we even left the park.

– The link for Saturday night’s Glow Paddle with San Diego Paddle Yoga is here! The promo code is NPGlow for $10, making it $15 a person. Limited space, first come first served!

– Keep logging those Charity Miles! According to studies, Washington DC is the #1 fittest city in America and San Diego sits at #3. Let’s try to change that! We will be doing a casual bike ride to catch up on some these miles next week! Stay tuned for details.

– #MayhemMonday: the last Monday of HILL MONTH is next week. It also happens to be Memorial Day. So your Monday workout will be RED, WHITE, and BLUE themed and will take place on Hill Street at Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Be there or be unpatriotic (nobody wants to be unpatriotic). 

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