Rock, Paper, Scissor-Me-Timbers!

Yeah, we ran the stairs this morning. So most of you probably didn’t even notice that this blog post is hours late because you think: well, yeah they ran stairs this morning. No bigs.

photo 2

Oh how you are mistaken grasshopper! Today turned into the encore round of the Rock Paper Scissors Championship. Only this time, it was sudden death-by-burpee every time, all the time. If you kept track of what direction you were sprinting in, what set is stairs you had to climb, and what core blasting exercise you had to do, AFTER losing 6 rounds of RPS in a row – I commend you! I was ass backwards half of the workout and I had a blast – so I KNOW how much fun ya’ll had, especially those of you who knew what was actually going on. Some of you managed to skate through sudden death RPS without a single burpee…I know who you are! You will have burpees for breakfast soon, I promise you that! Feel like you missed out on something epic? You did.

So yeah, we ran stairs this morning…no bigs.
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  1. Hi,
    I was interested in meeting with the group at the convention center stairs. What specific set of stairs are you guys located (ie set facing the city or the ocean)?  

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