Rock, Paper, RUN (NYC)

There was a lunar eclipse this morning, which was suppose to happen right in the middle of our workout.  We had a few clouds in the sky, but man were those pictures worth it. If you didn’t see a few of them, make sure to check out some of the other cities Facebook pages to see what they were able capture.  

How do you start your day? “I played Rock, Paper, Scissors about 10 times.  It was badass!” If you have ever said that before in your life, then you knew what you were getting into today.  For 99% of us who have never done this before, today was a treat.  After you and your partner did the ceremonial 5 post war burpees, the loser ran a Mansions and the winner ran a grotto.  40 hard mins will work your ass off.  Some people were getting NBA Jam rules On Fire with three wins in a row, Jason had upwards of 8 in a row.  Jason also got to do the most burpees today.  CONGRATS!


Today the #PositivityAward went to someone who has been recruiting her ass of for us.  She is doing everything she can for #3014.  Nina is Strong.  Nina knows the Tribe is strong, but helping to make it STRONGER.


FRIDAY: Madison Square Park 23rd and Broadway.  6:28 a.m.  It will be across from the Flatiron building.  This is New York.  We are New York.  Get ready, because here we come.

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