” Rock around the Clock”: March Workout Comp- Week 1: BAL

Congrats to our Week 1 Winner: Allison Reilly. November Project Baltimore is kind of like Whose Line is it Anyway: “The workout where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.” Allison, your prize is the fact that everyone should be marginally sore for the next 24-48 hours. If that doesn’t make you feel like a winner nothing will. 

Bomb Diggity
Bomb Diggity

The reason I bring up “Whose Line is it Anyway” is to:

1. Reference the main reason I thought minoring in Theater in college would be a good idea

2. To shed a little light on how NP is changing fitness forever, and how people like Allison ( that means you, the entire tribe) are making things way more fun.

I will keep this brief but I want you to think about the concept of a fitness piggy bank. I call this “Nick Rod’s Piggy Bank Theory of Personal Fitness.” (Genius stuff). Unlike Whose Line, in reality, everything you do matters. This is a core tenant of this line of thinking, one that can forever save you from the peaks and valleys of personal fitness. Those months of ” i’m training for a marathon” followed by months of ” well I just ran a marathon” can lead us to experience highs and lows in how we feel about ourselves, our days , our relationships, our work…our everything. Feeling good about who you are matters, and that includes some elements of fitness*. That’s why, whenever you have the chance, you should put something in the bank. 

Where my 5:30 crew at?
Where my 5:30 crew at?

I’m tired of isolationist fitness. I’m talking about going to the gym for an hour a day, or limiting yourself to Yoga, Crossfit, November Project, body building, running, cycling or any of those amazing fitness opportunities. Peaks and Valleys happen because we get tired and our workouts get monotonous.  Instead, you folks are paving a new way to be fit ( and I promise, come ask me about it, people…BIG PEOPLE, are noticing). This  might mean Crossfit twice a week, running when you feel like it,creating new workouts for the tribe biking because it’s fun, Yoga when you have the opportunity, ten burpees after lunch, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing some curls when you take out the trash or simply calling a friend and asking to go for a run because you can’t get your lazy ass out of bed.

My point is this. Put a tiny bit in the bank whenever you have the chance. Other times, you’re going to make huge deposits ( that’s an intense day at the box, or  back to back spin classes or your 20 miles Sunday run) but what will get us from the day to day is the variety. If you’re Rich Froning, be Rich Froning but know that some days, that chiseled, monster of a man sits for 90 minutes of Vinyasa ( he also lifts for a living).  Don’t be a crossfitter, or a runner or a cyclist or a mountain biker; instead try them all, see what you like, be fit and have a good time doing it. Stop thinking of fitness as an isolated activity that begins and ends within an hour, let it be a part of who you are, regardless of shape, size, age, speed or ability.

Train hard, get fast, get strong and pursue all goals no matter how small.  Join us in the mornings, go for a walk at night, go for a swim, squat while you order Dominos. Whenever you have a chance, put something in the bank. And most importantly, do what you love to do.

Keep taking big bites out of life.


*I am not a trainer. I do not believe fitness is they key to eternal happiness. I believe happiness is the key to eternal happiness. So if being fast and getting faster makes you happy, do it. If playing video games, or binge watching House of Cards makes you happy…do not take this as a recipe not to do those things. But remember, VARIETY. 

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