Rising Sun 6K (DEN)

Hot shit what a morning. Our 2nd 6K went off swimmingly. Though, oddly no one ended up swimming… in the water fountain of Cheeseman Park, that is. How did we pass up on that opportunity? Oh right, we were already having too much fun poppin’ bottles of bubbly, and huffing spray paint fumes from the 6K tag factory.

You came, you saw, you conquered. Congratulations. You may not be a “racer”, but you are part of November Project and your Tribe will continue to make you do things that you may be intimidated by or slightly uncomfortable with. And that is OK! That is life! Routine is boring! 6Ks are awesome! Marriage Booms are epic! And shopping for prizes for our top-3 men and women finishers will continue to be the highlight of my thrift shopping career! #suckitmacklemore 

On the topic of marriage booms, we had the delight of marrying Robyn and Adam today at the workout. They don’t know it, but MusicByJoe was the JOP, and he sealed the deal between the Mayer’s on Lap #2.

Here’s a few congratulatory words from the General Molly Mollz:  

” The lesson I learned from today’s display of ferocity was that it would behoove you to run a race the day before your wedding. Preferably with your partner in walking down the aisle alongside of you. You see, this allows something fun to do together (you know what they say about couples who play together)* but also to let out a boat load of nervous wedding jitter steam and run a kick ass race that will increase your chances of making it to your wedding day. November Project and weddings actually have a lot in common. For both, the first step is showing up. Congratulations Birdie and Adam!! It’s been a pleasure having you as bachelor/ettes and we can’t wait to have a #newmayerintown! ”

NP5280 Sunrise 6k : 6AM Racers
NP5280 Sunrise 6k : 6AM Racers

For the record here’s the TOP-3 Men from Denver:

1. Married Nate 21:21

2. Matt Laycock 21:40

3. Nathan 22:54


And for the women, we had an epic three way tie for third place. Please share the “Running With Mitch” LP, ladies.

1. The Birdie Bride 24:38

2. Julia The Jet  25:17

3. Mikayla / Kathleen / PACE 27:10

NP5280 Sunrise 6k : 6AM Podium Productions
NP5280 Sunrise 6k : 6AM Podium Productions

Thanks to all that participated and helped hype this event. It was great to see some new faces, and have some faces that we missed dearly,return to their tribe. Big ups to Triceratops Patton and Blazing Steve for providing the Aid Station amenities.

NP5280 Sunrise 6k : 515 risers
NP5280 Sunrise 6k : 515 risers

Good luck to all those racing in Colorado and beyond this weekend. Good luck to everyone maxing, relaxing, all cool and all in Denver and the Front Range this weekend. Good luck to everyone getting married this weekend. Did I miss anyone?


Lt Turbo

WEDNESDAY 6/24 : 530 & 615A : Meet at Civic Center Park Field (14th/Broadway). PR Clovers has been postponed until 7/1 for Bike to Work Day Festivities at the Civic Center. This means post-workout #freebies #schwag #loot #imgonnaneedabiggerbag

Remember to log your 6K time in the Tracker:  https://tracking.november-project.com

See below if you forgot:

NP5280 Sunrise 6K
NP5280 Sunrise 6K p1
NP5280 Sunrise 6K
NP5280 Sunrise 6K p2
NP5280 Sunrise 6K
NP5280 Sunrise 6K p3
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