Rise of the Rainbow Ninja (LAX)

The Rainbow Ninja – A ancient league of colorful assassin’s: they may have taken a vow of silence but their clothing tells a different story. Yeah, black is fun, but getting colorful as fuck is even better. NP LAX has officially inducted into the League of the Rainbow Ninja.



With our new home at Rainbow Ninja central established, it came along with a gift from our Rainbow overlord: The Broadaxe of Badassery, as pictured above. Every time we go Rainbow Ninja Mode into the residential hills and stair cases of East LA, the Broadaxe of Badassery will be presented to a tribe member who does just that: shows up, gets sweaty, hits that next level of badassery. Today. this token of our newfound ninja was went to Amanda, who is holding it in the group shot. She’s a badass, the axe says so.


Oh yeah, and there was that whole “don’t wake up Laura’s boss” thing. Turns out it was a ruse, because this lady was waiting for us with a sign for Laura. Pretty cute, right? We thought it was pretty damn awesome, thanks for the support, Laura’s boss! Our mission was a giant success, NP Rainbow Ninjas, and the Many Colored Gods are shining their light upon us this overcast Friday. Consider those weekends earned, and as always…



FRIDAY, JUNE 19th – SUNRISE 6K! Meet us at the Santa Monica Pier at EITHER 5:27 am or 6:27 am. Run a 6K at sunrise. It’s gonna be bomb.

MONDAY, JUNE 29th – WE MAKE NEWS: Be at Baxter St at 6:00 am sharp for a steep ass hill and some live news coverage via ABC. Wear #GrassrootsGear.


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