Ring Around the Fountain (LAX)

Rather than simply telling you how awesome our workout at the William Mulholland Fountain (or the Teal Fountain) went, I’m feeling the urge to put it in a song. And since we spent our morning running around something that was a perfect circle, it’s only fitting to put it to the sweet music of a favorite childhood ditty:

Sung to the tune of the classic “Ring around the Rosie” –

“Ring around the fountain, do a bunch of burpees, plank it, plank it, we all go hug a pole!” 


For what feels like the millionth week in a row, #NP_LAX came in strong and was a constant stream of positive energy and sweat the whole morning. We even tired Bear out, people… that shit never happens. Additional shout out to all of you for going hard on the two minutes of tricep dips after the main workout was over… the amount of fight you have within you is incredible and inspiring. Your weekends have absolutely been earned, no go forth and bring home your Friday through a cheer tunnel. As always…





THIS WED, JUNE 3rd: Along with TAGGING SHIRTS (2 shirt maximum, please!!) We are accepting old running shoes for donation in honor of National Runner’s Day

HOMEWORK: Keep those selfie videos coming! Record yourself telling us what #RaceEverything means to you, and post it to our facebook page!

SUNDAY: Hashtaglunchbag! Originating in LA, these guys make bag lunches and hand them out to homeless individuals on Skid Row. Sign up at http://www.hashtaglunchbag.org/. The next session is this Sunday at 10 am.

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