Returning to Commonwealth Stadium (YEG)

Dear Tribe,

One thing that we can always guarantee, is that anyone who wants to come to November Project never has to spend a penny for our workouts. As many of you have probably experienced, we have been extremely lucky to be able to provide you with many unique experiences, such as working out with Reindeer, dragon boating on the North Saskatchewan River, hanging out with goats at Fort Edmonton Park, slip ‘n sliding at Emily Murphy Park and crushing stairs at Commonwealth Stadium.  While we know that the vibes and the workout would be the same if we were to host a workout in a parking lot or a dumpster, we firmly believe that these experiences are important for the tribe as we celebrate and show off Edmonton to the rest of the world as we promote free fitness. We are truly grateful to all of the people who have helped make these experiences possible and look forward to creating many more for you.

A recent change at the City of Edmonton will now require a fee for each workout we host at Commonwealth Stadium. And while we are happy that they have agreed to continue to let us use one of their facilities, we will always believe in free fitness. We have decided that the experience of being able to work out at Commonwealth Stadium, free of charge, is important enough for us to cover this fee. We know that our workouts will continue to grow such a strong community and bring travelers from around the world to Edmonton.

You will NEVER have to pay to workout with November Project.

We are grateful to the City of Edmonton for continuing to allow us to use one of their facilities. We value the relationship that we have built with them for the past 3 years through events such as the Winter Cities Conference, the Syrian Refugee Welcome, Scott McKeen’s Winter Bocce and Make Something Edmonton and we look forward to many more in the years to come.

To help us cover part of the cost of using Commonwealth Stadium in 2016, we will be doing some of the most grassroots things we could think of. First, we are hosting a bottle drive on Wednesday April 13th  after our first workout at Commonwealth Stadium in 2016. Bring as many bottles as you can. We have a tribe member (who prefers to be called “The Bottle Pickup Guy”) bringing his cube van and we’re going to try and fill it. Secondly, we will be hosting the biggest bake sale in the history of the universe. And finally, we’ll throw it back to when we were 5 and setup a lemonade stand. You’ll hear more about those last two in the coming weeks.

And while we would love to have you help out by bringing bottles, the most important thing for us will always be that you continue to show up for our free workouts.


Find the Good,





Next Week’s Schedule

Monday – We’ll meet at the Royal Glenora Stairs so you can say goodbye to the stairs, without actually having to go up the stairs.

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium – Meet at Gate 2. Invite Everyone you know!

Friday – Walterdale Hill



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