Return of the Hill Ninjas (LAX)

As the sun barely gleamed over the 33% grade hill that is Baxter Street, the NP LAX #HillNinjas took to the pavement and ate that shit up for breakfast. They flooded one of the steepest streets in all of Los Angeles, moving like shadown in the dawn of this cool, cloudy Friday. Oh, yeah, they we’re pretty jazzed about it too. LOOK AT THESE SMILES:


We don’t back down from a challenge here at NP LAX. We say: “33%? Fuck that, give me 35%!” We say: “3 minutes left? You’re damn right I have another repeat in me!” You’ve earned your weekends, but what’s your next steep hill staring you in the face? Take the chance this weekend to tackle the other big things in your life that you’ve been staring down but haven’t quite found the motivation to take on yet. You just got up before a damn rooster did to run a hill that made my cousin literally say “looking at that hill makes me want to vomit”. By logical extension: you can do anything.


GET HUNGRY and DO GOOD LA!! It’s all within your grasp. All it takes is the first reach.



HOMEWORK – Recruit a friend for this Wednesday! Now that the bowl is open again, it’s the perfect opportunity to get people in on the ground floor. One friend a person makes a huge difference in the long run!


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