Return of RPS (NYC)

Was it cold? YES. Was it windy? YES! Was it dark? YES! Were there rats? YES! Do we care? FUCK NO! We say FUCK YEAH anyway! We get our bounce on anyway! We’re #weatherproof!!!

We got our warm up on with our infamous Plank Centipede’s. Six groups were formed and Plank Centipede’s ate up some major blacktop.

photo 2

A proper warm up is a MUST on these cold wintery mornings. We made sure we got our major muscle groups going with some major lunge walks.

photo 3


Now it was GO Time! It was time for some epic Rock, Paper, Scissors! Yeah, we don’t joke around.  10 Minutes of hardcore rock, paper, scissoring! Shit got REAL!  Tribers buddied up, introduced themselves, and got there RPS ON! Winner got 10 push ups while loser got 10 burpees.  Or the other way around if you love burpees–which we all do. So, we’re all winners. You can track the # of R,P, S victories you had here:

photo 4
“One, Two, Three, Shoot! Wait, are we doing One, Three, Shoot or One, Two, Three?”

We capped off this epic free fitness session with 4 all out suicides. The last two sets were full of, “Fuck Yeah’s”

Blame Paul for the crappy pics from my iPhone–he didn’t have a memory card in his camera while he was shooting today. Love the air pics! We might draw some of the pics later.



Meet at the Ward’s Island side of the 102nd St. footbridge @ 5:28 a.m. and/or 6:28 a.m.


#GrassrootsGear day we will ONLY be tagging Xmas sweaters and/or sweatshirts, sweaters that will be used to make a Christmas sweater.


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