Return of PBR Wednesday

It was 40 degrees and damp in San Francisco this morning. Also it was PR Wednesday. Also it’s the day before thanksgiving and half of you are gone all week. Consequently we kind of expected only four people to show up this morning (namely, Mark Noviski, Ali Fauci, Jason Levy, and Gil). To our surprise however, we absolutely crushed the 4 person mark! (Including co-leaders)… KUDOS friends for showing up and throwing down despite the brisk and wet conditions. Some brief WISCONSIN notes:

  • Laura dressed up in a full turkey costume, and as we know, she also owns a full cow costume, so we’re starting to get suspicious that maybe Connor has some sort of weird barnyard fetish…


  • Gil brought back PBR Wednesday, which, despite being only one letter off, is significantly more fun


  • Hutch destroyed a stacked PR Wednesday field (I actually did not see this happen, or even ask Laura and Paddy if this happened, or hear from anyone else that this happened, but I did see his first 100m and am basically 100% sure that’s what happened.)
  • We collected a LOT of cans to donate for Thanksgiving. Hoorah!
  • FRIDAY HILLS will be in Marin with Sir Dean Karnazes (not technically a knight)  5:30am and 6:30am. Bring a headlamp!
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