Results Are In: Monday Is Funday (SquashBusters)

November Project Boston is the only sub-tribe of the three-city powerhouse that holds a Monday morning workout. What started strictly as a Monday #DestinationDeck has morphed into many more things. In the winter we met on, near, or under icy cold bridges on some days, and did deep snow sprints on others. With Monday being the hardest day of the week to rise & shine we’ve always seen that only our most dedicated members choose to run to the weekly location and join their fellow badasses for whatever is on tap at 6:29AM. Today we met outside a Northeastern University building called Squash Busters. A cool building, cool program, and an all around great workout as the rest of the city snoozed “one last time.”

We hope that all of you reading this blog, near and far, were able to get your November Project completed by this morning. You had a full seven days to do it… so if you didn’t… not cool man… not cool… but lucky for you few who (you-few-who? in a box, with a fox?) didn’t get it done, we accept late work and more importantly, multiple assignments. Consider one that will gladly be accepted any day of the year for the rest of your entire life. Tweet or FB post the words “HOMEWORK COMPLETE” at any point along the way and we’ll be happy to know you’re still out there making an impact and controlling the good in this town.

Monday’s will always be special. Its always my favorite NP day of the week.

Big ups to all the fast, fun, and healthy racers in Madison & SanFran! Sending love your way and can’t wait for another big Wednesday as one.

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