Rejuvi-Nation (DEN)

The tribe experienced a rebirth today. The Lieutenant General took the kids to explore a new playground a few blocks away from our residence in Civic Center Park. Our destination: the west stairs of Colorado’s Gold Dome. The intimidating Mile High Stairs (rumor has it the 13th step is 5,280 feet above sea level) leading up to the Capitol Building proved to be the refreshing, challenging, & invigorating change of pace that the tribe needed.

After being forced to meet people from a different state (melting pot), we raced up and down those stairs and knocked out grassy-knoll pushups on each lap. The pale flesh was out in full force attracting passersby and commuters alike. Tough Mudder Dave from MSP was getting in a morning jog while on business travel, when he unsuspectingly ran into our madhouse flashmob.  He rocked the workout and took home a keepsake piece of #GrassRootsGear. Roaming Clint joined our workout because “it looked more fun than what he was planning on doing.” We dig. Our injury beach section practiced pelvic thrust exercises, while J-Fab gallivanted though the training grounds inspiring others to get jiggy with it.

The sacred award of positivity was passed from Super Salchow to Bearded Troy. Both are quiet, friendly competitors, who fulfill the vibe of the November Project. Neither one figure skates nor has a beard.

New location, new faces, new workout, the vibe is strong.

Next play date is Friday 6:15A at Governors Park.

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