Rejected Olympic Sports (YEG)

This morning was ABS-OLUTELY (dad joke) hilarious. It was the second week of avoiding the Zika virus (not a joke), and we managed to cover off some of the best rejected Olympic events around. These are the sports that no on ever talks about, but in a few years, millions and millions of people will be tuning in to watch them. Air Weightlifting, Human Vault, the Zero Distance Swimming Medley Relay, the 263 meter tick-tock-timed dash and Rock Paper Scissors will all be reviewed to be added for the 2020 Olympics.  Note: if you did the swimming event on the grass, know that the grass was not as green as the pool in Rio.

See you all Wednesday at Commonwealth Stadium.




Saturday August 20 – Sign Making for Marathon – 11:00am – 12:00pm

  • Join us at Hawrelak Park for some seriously serious sign making for the marathon. We’ll bring a bunch of poster boards and some markers. You bring your witty self and writing hand.



Sunday August 21  – Marathon Cheer Station – 6:45AM–10:30AM

  • We have an official cheer station for the Edmonton Marathon. It will be at Stutchburry Park. We’ll make a ton of signs and give those runners a ton of energy and positive vibes that morning!


Wednesday August 24 – Commonwealth Stadium – 5:30am

  • The final chance this year to complete the Old96er! You’ll likely want to bring a headlamp.


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