Regulators (DEN)

Today was one of those mornings where the look on your faces said “shut the fuck up” and “please stop making me run”. The best part is that now its over, you’ve successfully #earnedyourweekend AND your mind and body is now stronger than it was before you started. Besides, everyone got to lap Dan Turboletti like 10 times today so that must have felt pretty good! In other news, Ryan Wooderson felt betrayed by another lyrical bounce flop yet again. While most of the crowd would argue this one was semi successful we could tell it wasn’t what you wanted, Woody. I think maybe the problem is that you start too many lines before the chorus, which reveals how much people pretend to sing along to classic songs but really they are just mouthing the word “watermelon” repeatedly until a part comes up that they know. Lastly, we talked about how next week is a BIG week. Why? Well that was a special secret for everyone who showed up. Now that you have fomo, we’ll see you on Wednesday at Civic Center Park. Please bring everybody that you know.

xoxo Mollz

Tomorrow: Meet in Civic Center Park at 8 for a fun run that will end at Fitness in the City for #freefitness, #freefood, #freefun.

Wed: Civic Center Park

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