Regionally Weatherproof…fuck yeah!

Winter has arrived in San Diego. The beanies are out. The spandex and long sleeves have been pulled from our closets… and may I be the 50th person today, to say:  Some of our tribespeople look remarkably fashionable in their winter attire,  well done! Now, our 48 degrees this morning (yes, it was FORTY-EIGHT degrees when I left my house), may not hold an icicle to our Canadian friends up north, or our Denver brosephs to the East…but for people who live in a constant 70+ degrees during the daylight hours…fuck it was chilly this morning!…oh…wait…yup, there they are…Ok.  Now that I’ve officially heard the “scoffs” echoing in from around the globe, lets get to the real reason you’re sitting at your desk, sitting at the kitchen table, in your bathtub and at that coffee shoppe reading our little blog…you are one of two things: 1. PSYCHED you went today and can’t wait to re-live the experience through our literary prose or 2. WISHING you went today and are actively fueling your FOMO while downing that triple, buckeye, snowstorm latte with sprinkles on top. If you’re the latter, drink up, use that caffeine, scrub those toes, procrastinate a little more at work and make that commitment to yourself that you will FOMO-no-more! The end of the year is upon us – go out of 2014 with a bang, a boom, and a bravo to yourself for beating all those new-years-resolution-do something-good-for-yourself hypes! You don’t have to make new years resolutions if you’re already kicking ass and taking names, enjoying life and surrounding yourself with good people! Have an epic and balmy Wednesday tribe – you earned it! And don’t forget: when you see a playground, ignore the age restrictions sign, and let that little kid inside shine!

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!

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