Regina says 7 Squats (NYC)

Today was dark, gloomy, the sun wasn’t creeping out like it usually does.  The park was bleak with out anyone really around.  Some cars were passing by, grinding their way to their morning delivery or work.  Then all of a sudden, we heard such a clatter.  Turns out the clatter was Katie Shea’s keys in her pocket during the bounce.

DG NOTES (Which look like SAN FRAN NOTES but are supposed to be called WISCONSIN NOTES?):
-Dan does not know the difference between The Rockettes and the characters from Mean Girls (honestly he might be on to something…)
-John Massey somehow memorized the board before the game event started and gave his team a slight advantage over the others.
-One team that will remain nameless could not find Clark Griswold (and also seemed to have a similar reaction to his when he got his Jelly of the Month membership in the process)
-JTT winked at a few of the ladies and Kevin McAlister has sums up burpees pretty well
-Jingle All The Way is a fantastic Christmas movie that everyone should go home and watch.  Today at work is an excellent time to do this.
-Dan also saw a puppet kissing a deer
-Buddy the Elf says 5 more hugs for strangers today.


Workouts happen, rain or shine.  Holiday, work day, school day, hangover day, you name it.  The workouts don’t forget about you, so don’t forget about them.   The Tribe Shows Up.  5:28 & 6:28 a.m.  The Grotto. And if you are traveling this season, remember to use #NP_TSA when posting to social, wear that #GrassrootsGear, and find some other tribes people to plank it out with during your layover in Newark.  The Tribe Travels.


Holiday Love,

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