Red, White & “We” (PHL)

Sometimes Dan and Suz just need to put the cameras away and get down and dirty with the tribe. Today we focused on the “us” and the “we” in November Project Philadelphia. While we couldn’t enter Penn’s Franklin Field (due to the holiday), that didn’t stop us from getting our hearts pumping, our hugs on strong and having an amazing morning. We split up into five teams of 15 or so and embarked on a full-on deck race! Winner ran to the next group and finished their deck, then the next and so on, until we were all one big, solid team again — no man left behind.

photo 1Chris Meredith was awarded the positivity award. This guy embodies what November Project is all about. He works out hard, cheers loud, encourages all to push themselves further when they aren’t sure they have more in the tank, and he even wore an American Flag speedo today with a bald eagle on his ass — as if he knew he was going to have his photo taken with the PA — so … ‘nuff said. Well deserved, man!

You all are perfect in everyway. We wish you a great, safe, super fun holiday! You have earned your weekend. Go 4th and enjoy!

Catch ya on Wednesday at The PMA!

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