Red Phone, Fire Phone, Who Gives a F#%!

This morning we tried out a new location. It was good to mix things up, run a shorter distance with more gradient (17%-20%), and unlike our usual Summit Ave workouts where we go for the total number of hills, today we went for the time. 30 minutes on the clock, as many hills as you can pack in. Proud of all of you that came out in the casual 20 degree weather to #EarnYourWeekend.


We are NOT doing organized #DestinationDeck on Monday which doesn’t mean that you should sit on your butt cheeks all day. The deck of cards workout is very simple and can be done in your garden, bedroom, tool shed, library steps, local cigar bar or your favorite MBTA station. It’s even better if you do it with friends. So as you’re getting ready to greet the New Year, whip out some cards, get your pushup/situp groove on, take some photos and slap them on our Facebook Wall. Your HOMEWORK is due Tuesday at 8am EST. We will be grading ingenuity and location. Extra credit goes to people that do the deck while the ball is dropping, in #GrassrootsGear, while making out with other NP members. Speaking of ball dropping, why aren’t there more jokes that reference natural descent of testicles into scrotum and a 100-year-old Times Square tradition?

Happy New Year everyone!

November Project™!

Wisconsin Notes:
– We changed location for shits and giggles.
– It was cold and awesome.
– No organized #DestinationDeck on Monday.
– There is homework.
– Bojan tried to be funny referencing genitalia (didn’t work).
– See you all next year!

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