Recruit Everyone! (YEG)

As a November Project leader, I feel it is my duty to make sure everyone knows they are welcome to join our workouts.

Case in point, this morning, as I was parking today, a large yellow Hummer parked across from me and out piled three apparently fit dudes. They didn’t look familiar and I thought, “Cool, three newbies for race day!” I love newbies on Commonwealth race day because it’s a brutal test of endurance, strength and fitness and, not to stereotype, but sometimes fit dudes who show up for the first time underestimate the lower bowl and it can be a bit humbling. But let me get back to this morning, these three dudes started to walk towards the stadium but much to my dismay, instead of moving to Gate 2 they veered off and were headed to the gym. Now, this morning was nice…sunny, dry, not too cold, not too hot…pretty much the perfect conditions for a race day. So, as a believer in free fitness and building community, I felt it was my obligation to extend an invitation to our  stair workout to these three strapping gentlemen. They looked at me oddly the first time, figuring that perhaps they didn’t hear me clearly, I again mentioned to them that they should join us and added that there was no way that what they were going to do inside the gym could possibly measure up to a Commonwealth race day. Again, the look in my direction, I suspect, wondering who this super friendly, energetic human being was at 5:45 am, so I thought I probably have one last chance before our paths diverge, third times a charm right? In that last brief encounter, I explained to them that they would experience the best 30 minutes ever, that very few people get the chance to run commonwealth stairs and they could be part of this amazing community if they simply came and joined this. Alas, my incessant nattering didn’t work and they walked away, probably now wondering who this crazy girl was. Oh well, can’t win them all, while November Project is for everyone, I guess it isn’t for everyone.

There were some witnesses to my recruiting attempt. I’m glad, I think it is good for the tribe to see me recruiting…can’t ask you guys to recruit if I’m not willing to do the same. What I wasn’t aware was that the three dudes I was trying to convince to join us were also known to some of the tribe. Now, I pride myself on knowing as many tribe member’s names as possible, I work hard to get to know each and every one of you. What I am not as good at is recognizing who the Edmonton Eskimos are…oops. I guess a pre-season training workout might trump a November Project race day. I guess if you are the quarterback for the Eskimos you probably could also get access to Commonwealth stairs whenever you want. I guess some crazy girl meeting you in the parking lot at 5:45am, nagging you to come and run stairs with her and her friends might seem a little disconcerting. But, I don’t care…November Project is for EVERYONE! I will work to recruit anyone. This community is amazing because we are diverse, connected, accountable, friendly, and we work hard!

Lower Bowl + an Upper Bowl Section is the perfect combination for a delicious #raceday breakfast. Great job tribe!

#justshowup 6AM

Come and shake those legs out Friday, Walterdale Hill & recruit everyone!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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