Recipe for Success (PHL)

With Labor Day weekend and Made in America behind us, we returned to the Art Museum steps for our usual sub-60 minute burn.  The recipe was simple and we had each of the 9 necessary ingredients: (1) Strong attendance — CHECK; (2) Splash of newbies — CHECK; (3) Picturesque sunrise — CHECK; (4) Smiles — CHECK; (5) Strong hugs — CHECK; (6) Cowbell — CHECK; (7) 72 stone steps — CHECK; (8) Lots of sweat — CHECK; (9) Dan hobbling and still taking poor pictures — CHECK.

The Tribe took to the the stairs for 45 minutes.  When the Cowbell sounded, depending on location, people either sprinted the loop; did 15 push-ups or 15 ledge jumps.  Needless to say a sweaty experience was enjoyed by all.  The good times keep on rolling here in Philadelphia.

Keep spreading the word about our free fitness community and #recruiteveryone.  To witness veterans and first timers come together with a common goal is truly incredible.  Whether it be allowing someone to step out of their comfort zone socially, to get a kick ass workout or (hopefully) both, November Project is in the business of building a fitter, faster, more connected Philadelphia.  You all contribute to the magic, so keep kicking ass, showing up, recruiting strong, and hugging stronger.

See you at Franklin Field, 6:25 AM on Friday



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