Rebecca, Your Bridge Misses You

About a year and a half ago, we abandoned the Randall’s Island Footbridge as a repeating workout location. There are reasons, and it has brought on a lot of positives to this group, but that is not what this is about.

Rebecca LOVED the bridge, I hear about it all the time from her, “Rob, I miss the bridge. Can we bring back bridge day?” “Why don’t we do the bridge anymore?” In true Let Them Eat Cake form, we hosted a workout at the Randall’s Island Footbridge.

Rebecca was super excited, even organized a run pool. This was the holidays coming early for her, and she was going to love every second of it.

I got there a little early, caught up with the bridge, it is doing well, misses us, but understands the direction we are going in. It was good to see an old friend. One thing the bridge did express, was how much it was looking forward to seeing Rebecca. It keeps this photo of her in its wallet to remind it of better times past.

Alas, the bounce came and went. We sent the tribe off with the workout and no sign from Rebecca. Shortly after we sent the tribe out, her running partners came sprinting over the bridge. “We waited as long as we could. She will be here”, they promised. But still no sign.

After we finished the workout, we all began to get texts from Sleepy-head, I mean Rebecca. She had been stuck in her warm bed asleep while we all caught up with the bridge.

She loves the bridge, the bridge loves her, and we all (bridge included) missed her this morning. Come back real soon Rebecca, and pay the bridge a visit.

Love, Rob

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