REAL: The Plan for Wednesday.

Last week on Friday morning after the Midwest workout, our good friend and tribe leader in Madison, WI, Ted Gurman, lost his father. Without a doubt he will be missed.

In a simple request to celebrate Al Gurman’s life, Ted has asked that we keep things light and have fun by commemorating his dad with one giant nod of respect. In true November Project form, this will be done with 100% class and style. Below you’ll see the exact request by Ted that he’s posted to the November Project Madison Facebook page. We’ll aim to have Wednesday’s blog post be simply 4 giant group photos in purple with mustaches. That’s right, four cities, NP CAN is getting official status this week. Read Ted’s request below and come lookin’ good on Wednesday.

“NPeeps, my dad passed away unexpectedly today. Put simply, he was a great dude. Two things he was obsessed with: Boston (the city, not the band), and the color purple (the color itself, not the Oprah film). He also sported an amazing mustache. As such, if you’d indulge me, please show up next Wednesday with a fake or real mustache and purple garb. Would be a beautiful tribute.”

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One Reply to “REAL: The Plan for Wednesday.”

  1. He was a good friend, wise mentor,
    fellow lover of purple, talented clinician and once when
    I called him a curmudgeon he said “I prefer to think of
    myself as a wise ass iconoclast gadfly ” which
    was in fact a better description. I miss him terribly. I can
    only imagine how his family must feel. A mustache and
    purple garb is a perfect tribute.

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