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It’s Monday. We run stairs on Monday. Yes, today is Monday and we run stairs on stairs on Monday. But stairs was not the only thing we did on this Monday. There were some particularly painful partner things. There were some solo soliloquies of sprinting. There were some ridiculous rendezvous of rapid repetitions. And what would a Monday be without the hundreds of high-fiving, happy, healthy, hippopotamus hugs. (I just wanted to say hippopotamus…). Dr. Seuss-isms aside, today kicked ass and we wish you were there. And just incase you missed it – the red holiday cups are out at Starbucks.

See you all at the biggest, most important #3014 Wednesday of all time – 6am: yearbook photos commence – get your mug ready and go get sweaty! Remember: NEON OR WHITE ONLY – no black! #3014

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD.

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