As I’m writing this, I’m waiting for a pivotal baseball game to start. Along with lots of other fans across our country, I need the Blue Jays to win to prevent them being knocked out of the playoffs. While we were running stairs and doing laps at the top, I was imagining that every time one of us finished getting to the bottom, it was representing just one of the many times that the Jays are going to round the bases and touch home plate. I lost count after a bit but this morning meant that the Jays are going to score about 3412 runs today. 
In two days it is Friday, Friday’s we run hills before moving onto having a badass weekend. So be at Walterdale Hill at 5:59. 

November 8 is Better Than Bedtime, a short group run to unknown location for some social time, keep this dats open. 
Go Jays!


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