Raul We missed you

Raul Last night you dropped a #verbal not only to work out but to run approximately 7 miles to the workout.  This morning was very dismal without you. We missed your big smiley face and sweaty hugs.


We know you have an excuse; don’t we all.  Don’t tell me I’d rather guess.

  • You were up all night with a screaming baby and a toddler that just wanted to watch Disney movies all night. ( John didn’t even go to sleep he came right from David Chappelle show).
  • COD intervals are to intense and your body is still aching
  • You ran out of Icy hot for your sore muscles and you using diaper cream instead because you re so sleep deprived and couldn’t tell the difference.
  • Your dog chewed through both your running sneakers and pooped on your favorite grassroots gear.
  • You stayed up too late watching reruns of LOST
  • You physically could not drag your body out of bed after Wednesdays #bodiesbyJeanie ab exercise ( Jeanie doubled that day and took a crossfit class and managed to run to the workout this morning)
  • You were scared Jeanie was leading again and was terrified that your body could possibly ache more than it currently does
  • Its Friday and you really just were not feeling it




Ok we get as co-leaders John, Paul and I have heard it all.  We saw your verbal last night and were really pumped to see you there. You bring the energy and laughter that some people thrive on to get through the workout. Ragnar, Maddy and Guerav looked so sad the entire workout because they missed your smiling face.  Erica did a few extra burpee’s in your honor with the positivity stick on her back because thats how she rolls.

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