Raspy Voices and Broken Verbals

Has anyone else noticed that it’s dark in the morning now when we gather for NP? What the shit is up with that!? No bueno. I guess it’s labor day weekend already — my how the time flies when you exercise!

So yeah, there we were this morning, at the foot of North China Hill, in the DARK, counting down the seconds to 6:30am and panicking a little bit that Rebecca Daniels hadn’t shown up yet. Oh, you haven’t heard? Rebecca Daniels is moving to Galactic Sector QQ7 Active J Gamma to teach French to underprivileged dolphins. She’s never ever ever coming back. A lot of people seem to care about this, so they went out to sing karaoke and get shwasted. Consequently, many many verbals were broken:

1.) Ash:     As if you even stood a chance.

2.) Amber:     Amber can now say “NO. I’M NOT GOING TO NP!” without even waking up. It’s pretty impressive actually, and it even happens on off days — “I’M NOT GOING!” I know, Amber… It’s Sunday. Go back to bed.

3.) Zip:     Zip I think you were psychically forced into saying you were coming. As in, girls barricading the door so that you couldn’t leave until you verballed. I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time after women see your abs.

4.) Sunish:     I assume you just couldn’t find a shirt to wear.

So yeah, we were 5 seconds from heading out on foot to RD’s house to throw small rocks at her window and play In Your Eyes (how did nobody sing Peter Gabriel last night!?!?). But she showed. Hooraayyyyyy. And we ran hills. Hooraayyyyyy. And we will miss her. Almost as much as we missed you, Ash, Amber, Zip and Sunish.


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