Rain On Little Storms! (LAX)

You know when they say there is a full moon it makes people do strange and out of the ordinary things? Like running through the streets naked, commiting a crime or murder. They say that the crime rate goes up on full moons. Maybe it has to do with the fact that there’s something with a tidal pull that ultimately makes us more open to our deepest desires. It seems to be that LA goes through these unleashings in the rain or better yet, the fog. The sun is shy so therefore the people of LA go cattywombus on their mornings. This morning there was FOG! But there was anything but murders or naked people running (maybe a few). Quite the opposite really with even more cheer, positivity and all around determination from every single one of you.

I always underestimate the amount of spirit that comes from our tribe. When it comes to being gen-you-eye-nn people this tribe for sure has it. The most stoked in the morning. The most excited to share a warm embrace. The most ready to throw themselves into a workout. LA you are building something that is big and filled with so much life that it is overwhelmingly amazing.

On the topic of environments, with fog and full moon massacres (darkest blog post ever), I think of the bowl as a micro-climate. Similar to the massive cow farm on the 5 up to San Francisco, from all the methane from the cows it is actually degrees hotter within the surrounding area. Stay with me. At the bowl we’re creating so much energy and good that it is only inevitable that you, as a little storm cloud of positivity and light, will category five your way across this city. You’ll rain down happiness into others, you’ll electrify people with that smile and you’ll get stronger with momentum. We can only be storm chasers to wrangle you all up every Wednesday and Friday morning like Helen Hunt in the famed blockbuster hit Twister!



So combust out into this city you raging storms and spread you for you are good and you are amazing. You are the shit!




FRIDAY- Location is at the stop sign of Eldred st and N 48th ave. Silence is key! https://www.google.com/maps/place/Eldred+St,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90042/@34.1085799,-118.2080181,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c2c6a86a540fe3:0xb991f38694a02e9f


#BIGGERTHANTHEBOWL- How many miles can we get by the end of the month? https://november-project.com/biggerthanthebowl-lax/

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