“Rain, rain, go away. Come again anoth—hah! Just kidding. We’re #weatherproof.” – Actual tweet I twittered last June.

It’s days like today that make November Project what it is.

Race day.

Pouring rain.

Loads of people up before the sun, hootin’ and hollerin’ at who-knows-what.

I got a text last night from Capoz: “It’s supposed to downpour tomorrow! Fuck yeah! I love wet stadiums!” As he and all other core NPers know, rainy stadiums are when magic happens. The “What the hell am I doing here?” vibe kicks in earlier, but you look to your neighbor and see their huge smile with rain dripping down it. The size of the group gets smaller, but somehow the FUCK YEAHs are louder, the hugs are warmer, and the racing is fiercer. You dance. On #weatherfull days, the weird comes out of the woodwork and the tribe thrives. Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on it–it’s a vibe, an electricity. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious…


The best part is it doesn’t stop at 730am, 8am, or 9am when you get to work. You have a little secret that no one else in your office can call their own. You–unlike them–woke your ass up, got out of bed, and came and crushed it on the stairs in the pouring rain. You’re dedicated. Weather you PR’d in time or section count, or not at all (yes, I know how to spell ‘whether,’ but I’ve got a theme going here so…), be proud that you showed up when many other tribesters stayed in bed like the fools they are and track that here… especially if your name is Ildi and you ran a full tour in 21:54?!?!? and beat the women’s record for a full stadium… again. Guess it’s time to step it up a notch…

IMG_4722 (1)

I MEAN FOR THE REST OF US! Ildi, cool it. Please!

If you didn’t make it out this morning, I’m sorry you started your morning out dry, that you missed out on our rain dance (which we might need to do again, ’cause it’s stopped), and that you didn’t have NP levels of fun before 8am. I know we did, we drank it all in… and I can’t wait for the next one.

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