Rain Break (YEG)

Firstly, how about all those people who ran or cheered at the Edmonton Marathon this weekend? That was special. Over 4,000 people ran in that marathon yesterday, and I can guarantee that throughout the course, whether you were running or cheering or watching out your bedroom window, the tribe brought so much energy and positivity to the streets of Edmonton. It was just another example of how supportive this community is.

Did anyone else know that it was raining all night? Then, for about an hour or so this morning, the skies cleared up, before it started raining again. This rain break just so happened to be during our NP workout. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

Seriously though, are there better post-marathon exercises to do than Amsterdams, burpees and a sprint lap?


Wednesday, August 24 – Commonwealth Stadium – 5:30AM/6AM

  • The final chance this year to complete the Old96er! You’ll likely want to bring a headlamp for seeing purposes.
  • We will also have a 6AM crew as usual for an intense 30 minute burn out


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