Racing is Fun

Every single 2nd Friday in Boston something special happens: #PRhills.

Everyone rallies to race up and down Summit Ave. for three full repeats, aiming to first complete all three hills (fuck yeah!) and then to do so faster and faster each month.  It’s a test of our fitness and our will, a test of our adjustment to the conditions and weather–cuz yeah it’s hard as hell to run uphill really fast when it’s cold as crap–and a test of our commitment to always getting better, faster, and more fierce.

For those who manage to shave off time, maybe minutes, maybe mere seconds from our previous PR, we earn a dot on our racing hat to signify that we set a new personal record.  Like fighter pilots tallying enemy planes shot down, like defensive players on a football team tallying quarterback sacks on their helmets, we tally our effort and our progress on our hats.  If you managed to earn a PR during the era of #NPSummitHats, then you gather your dots on your hat.  And everyone who races can declare a racing hat.  #PRdots get earned and tagged on whatever hat you race in…so take pride in your #PRhat and get ready for next month.  2nd Friday.  Until forever.

So that’s what happens on #PRhill Fridays.  But the vibe of this morning is somehow missing from the simple description of the racing.  You see, when the Boston Tribe shows up on Friday mornings–after long weeks of work and training and all the other shit of life–the energy is somewhere between “I can’t believe I got out of bed this morning, I’m pretty sure I’m still asleep” and “holy shit, I can’t wait to run hills and start the weekend!”  And everyone feeds off the hugs and the bounce and the repetitive chanting of “MOTHER” “SHIP” “MOTHER” “SHIP” “MOTHER” “SHIP” “SHIP” “SHIP” until everyone knows deep in our souls that there’s no place we’d rather be than in that crazy crowd, probably pressed up against someone else’s body, thinking about the “fuck yeahs,” “good jobs,” “you’re unstoppables,” and “your ass looks amazings” that we’re going to ninja whisper as we all race our faces off.  We get excited when the fastest fuckers barrel past us downhill (and who are we kidding, on the uphills too) because they’re who we imagine ourselves to be as we push to our limits, and we’re proud to train shoulder to shoulder with them.  And we get just as excited when we manage to utter one of those “fuck yeah” and “nice ass” comments to someone working their heart out when we pass them on the hills, because they make us faster as we chase them down.  And we watch everyone…EVERYONE race to the finish line of their third hill and as time runs out…with the same depth of heart and intensity as everyone else.  We cheer for the vomit that spews from someone’s mouth because we admire the drive that got them up the hill before they puked.  And we take in the cheers and celebration of the finisher’s tunnel, just like we take in the warmth of the sunshine — because they both fuel us.  Hills for breakfast.  Like food nourishing our bodies, racing hills is good for us. It’s like nothing else.  It’s hard and amazing, and it’s just fun.

For all the NP Racers out there this weekend, especially the large crew representing #NP_BOS at the #ECSDC: race kind, race strong, and race fun.  It’s what this movement is all about.

Shit you want to know:

MONDAY DESTINATION DECK is in Kendall Square.  Location in the tracker, and google map here.

WEDNESDAY is at Harvard Stadium.  If you still drive to the stadium and haven’t gotten your monthly parking pass, save time now and get your pass for April. See all instructions for parking permit purchase in this blog.

BOSTON MARATHON WEEKEND! There is an EPIC event…the most epic event in the history of NP because the November Project Book is coming out, The North Face Speaker Series is happening (with those tall dudes BG and Bojan as speakers), and Runner’s World will be joining forces with all of that to basically take over the freaking world on Saturday night.  So, get your ticket and #JustShowUp.  You will regret it if you don’t.

Marathon Monday will have a workout AND If you’re not already volunteering at THE waterstop at Mile 18, or regulating a street crossing, GET OUT THERE and watch, cheer, hug & support marathon runners of NP varieties and all humans.  Sport your #GrassrootsGear and see how many hugs you get.

NP SUMMIT 4.0! July 16-17 We want everyone from all corners of the NP Universe to be there. Buy your bib now, figure out the rest later. It’s Canadian money anyway, so it’s not really real. Register here

#WorldTakeover is real.  It is now.  Get on board.


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