Racing Hard

Today the blog will be rather brief.  There are a few key things everyone needs to know, and then you’ll need some extra time to do something about today’s workout.


First, it was PR Day.  We race the stadium by doing a Full Tour as fast as possible, or by completing as many sections as possible before time runs out.  RECORD YOUR SCORE.  All the cool kids do it.


Next, just a thought to keep in mind as we all race our faces off: Racing hard is racing hard.  Some people get through 37 sections faster than you or I ever will, but that doesn’t mean the stadium is any easier for them than it is for you or for me.  If they CAN run it that fast, well they damn sure better be, cuz it’s a fucking race.  And everyone we pass along they way is not working any less hard than you or me.  They may be moving slower than you or me, but on race day (and probably every other day, because #raceeverything) everyone is working hard.  It’s way too easy to make unnecessary assumptions that fast = easy, or slow = not working hard.  Fuck that assumption.  Let’s all live up to our best and just race hard.  See the hard work in everyone you meet along the stairs, or the hills, or the workouts.  I believe that when you believe others are working hard, you also tend to believe that you can work hard too.


Finally, stop reading the blog and go write a one sentence mini-blog of gratitude or inspiration to someone from NP.  Pick the person you chased up the stairs this morning, or the person you fought off to stay ahead of.  Pick the person you hugged this morning, or the person you wish you hugged.  Pick the Newbie you’re proud of for #JustShowingUp.  Pick the person whose yearbook photo you’ve been revisiting again and again for whatever reason.  Pick your bestie or a rando… Just pick someone and connect with them.  Send a text, make a phone call.  FaceTime them.  Post on their Facebook timeline.  Pick a pic for IG of their happy/awesome/fierce mug and let the world like it. SnapChat their ass.  Send them flowers, write them a letter, record a message of awesomeness for them to watch repeatedly.  Do it.  Don’t wait.  Do it now.  Flood all the communication channels with good shit.  Because this shit is good.


That is all.


See you Friday.  We’ll be at Summit Avenue for hills.

Also, one more thing: NP Summit4.0 is happening in two weeks.  DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. Read info and get registered asap.


That is really all.

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2 Replies to “Racing Hard”

  1. Thank you for that post.

    My story:
    2012: 267 pounds. Female. 5’4″. Walking was extreme exercise

    Lost 70 pounds on weight watchers.

    I have put back on 25. I am struggling.

    I will not go back there. I am happy I can move. I. came in dead last.

    Kimberly somehow decided to walk the steps with me. She motivated me to stay on the benches up for 12 sections. I never in my life thought I could do that. I probably worked harder for those 12 than many others.

    I loved how you worded your post.

    I initially felt bad I only made it 12, until I read your entry.

    Thank you.

    I will be back for 14 next time

    1. We’re glad you’re showing up and finding good people like Kimberly. Thanks for sharing your story too. Come introduce yourself, I’d love to give you a hug too. –Emily (Boston tribe co-leader)

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