Rachel, the Sun Can’t Rise in Minneapolis Without You.

This one hurt. This one stung. A verbal is a verbal. But FIVE verbals, well that’s commitment. That’s love. That’s real. Right? We thought so too…

VERBAL NUMBER ONE: 9 days prior.

VERBAL NUMBER TWO: The chiropractor checked out, but your verbal word…not so much

VERBAL NUMBER THREE: 50 could be possible if you show up yourself. #verbalgamegettingweaker

VERBAL NUMBER FOUR: Coffee? Coffee?! The Nerve.

VERBAL NUMBER FIVE: 10 hours before 6:27am. C’mon!

You played us. You toyed with us. You strung us along. Ouch. And then you think another social media post will make it better!? The verbal obviously meant nothing. Does the apology?

And work, yeah right! Don’t think we don’t know that you were tromping around behind our backs flaunting your PR status with other “weatherproof” (yeah right Virginia Beach and Los Angeles) cities and dishing out verbals to other tribes. We know! We know everything!