Racers Shake It Out (Boston)

Cheers to all of you who made it out this morning to skip, dash, spin, and drop to the deck for 7 minutes of burpies all out (AKA “Sebastian). This morning was a great reminder of the way in which the dark and chilly workouts truly bring out only the most fun and fanatic members of this insane tribe.

Another huge shoutout to the many of you who took on 26.2 miles of Chicago, New Port, the 13.1 miles here in Boston, or any other giant race AND THEN MADE IT TO THE DESTINATION THIS MORNING. To race your ass off and celebrate is one thing. To get it all done and rise & shine the very next day to share your stories with your NP family as the sun is rising over a new week!? That’s an entirely different story.

We will plan to see you on Wednesday in 16 cities all over North America. Recruit your ass off and we’ll see you then.

The tribe is strong.



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  1. Made it to the Destination *and* tied my PR for Sebastians with 85 burpees.  I was a little frustrated at not beating my record this morning, and then I remembered I’d run a half marathon less than 24 hours earlier.  But Rosa’s running a 10K right now after doing a marathon yesterday, making us all look like slackers!

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