#RACEDAY is Back (YEG)

The tribe welcomed the 28:19 challenge back with a vengeance today. The tribe raced themselves, each other and the clock this morning. Those coveting Abe’s top hat pushed the challenge to a new level. They didn’t let the slippery path at the top of the stairs hold them back, they didn’t think twice about sprinting down the snow cover stairs, and they inspired each and every one of their tribe members to push their limits and set new benchmarks and personal challenges.

Remember to enter your #raceday data on the tracker and while you’re there you might as well drop your #verbal for Friday as well

Upcoming dates:

This Thursday aka November 27 aka TOMORROW – MEC Club Night 7-9pm  Show up in your #grassrootsgear to receive 10% discount on your purchase

Friday, December 5 – Special Exclusive/Elusive Social Event…more information will drop this Friday at Emily Murphy Hill 6 AM…#justshowup to find out what this intentional vagueness is all about

Saturday, December  13 – Tribe Christmas Party…More information can be found here


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