Race the Snow (DEN)

Disclaimer: if you don’t have time to waste on reading the sentimental sappy cool things that come out of our brains post workout and need to prioritize your time, this is a free pass to skip the following paragraph and get down to the important stuff on the bottom. DON’T SKIP THE IMPORTANT STUFF. For the read of you die hards, this is whats happening in my head right now:

Things got weather proof real fast this morning in the Mile High City. Along with #risingandgrinding and #wakingupthesun, this morning we got to #racethesnow that started with the 6:15 group and tested our grit throughout the whole workout. I’ll admit, upon looking at the forecast last night to determine what clothes to layout for the morning, I decided I didn’t really believe it would snow around 6, and if it did it would be a light flurry. For the 5:30 group, my predictions were on point: 40, dry, beautiful, people getting sweaty and racing against the cards. 6:15 group, not so much: cold, wet, windy, snowy, really wet. Weather man- 1, Me- 1? The point is, despite the cold, soak through all of your layers instantly conditions that would make most throw their alarm clock across the room and hug their pillow tighter, you still showed up with smiles on your faces, got down with the racing and became a faster, stronger community this morning. If you showed up today, you deserve a pat on the back and a big hug. If you didn’t, just know in that future that this a community that you can always count on. Rain, shine, sleet, apocalypse*. And yes, you can expect the Sebastian to make an appearance in the dry future now that we’ve primed you. (*there is no data to support this yet)


Now for the NEWS! The Sunrise 6k. You’ve read about it (maybe you haven’t but now you can here). We’ve talked about it. The HYPE is beginning to grow. Let’s build on said hype:

WHEN: NP5280 will trade out our normal Friday workout for the Sunrise 6k on FRIDAY 2/20 at 6:15am.

WHERE: The exact starting location/route will be coming to you next week in next weeks edition of HYPE, but for those of you that like to plan ahead, we can tell you that the route may or may not rhyme with “fat liver”.

WHY: I often find myself talking about November Project (shocking) with people that I have no idea what it is. Be it colleagues, friends of parents, the person admiring my grassroots gear, you name it. And what these people always seem to find so amazing is how connected we are as a family. I don’t just mean our tribe here in Denver, I mean NP across North America. We stay in touch, we traverbal, we band together when one of our arms suffers a loss. It’s truly unique, and the Sunrise 6k North America is just another way that we get to prove that near or far, we are all part of a greater tribe, a greater community, a larger mission. So chew on that, and start getting HYPED!

It feels damn good to be back. xoxo, Molly. #gopats

FRIDAY (2/6): 5:30/6:15am. Hills for breakfast at the Little Man Ice cream hill. (Hirshorn Park, 3000 Tejon St.)

FRIDAY (2/20): Sunrise 6k North America. Stay tuned for more and start recruiting.


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