Race Day (IND)

Today #NP_IND channeled our inner Frank in the bounce by spellyelling–yep spellyell. It’s a thing, look it up– his name and giving a neighboring tribe member an ass smack corresponding to each letter of his name.  “What are we spelling?!?” “Why all the ass smacking??” The answer:  Frank. “Ohhh, that makes sense.” Today was the first day of the Tank Double Challenge: translation = Do A Double For Frank Until He Is Back. Danger volunteered to do a double #RaceDay today…but Danger failed to show up. Say wha’?? Danger broke his verbal. Mind blown. We Missed You blog post ideas, brewing. As the 5:28am workout came to a close and the 6:15am group gathered, Ed stepped forward to Do A Double in Danger’s absence for Frank. Fuck Yeah, Ed!! The fall temperatures and low humidity drew up some cirrus clouds that rained PRs. Oh—and Stew did #RaceDay carrying a weighted ruck on his back, for Frank. The newbies, the new-to-race-day-ers, Ed, Stew, everyone survived.


The #PositivityAward today went to Jason Shaw, who continually just shows up with his positivity, his hugging skills, his smile, his encouragement, his recruits, his “can’t stop, won’t stop”, his chase down Casey or die trying attitude. Congrats!

2014-09-24 23.34.24

Next week we are doing Mugshots!! This is an NP tradition. It also helps the leadership learn your names (we all know I suck with names). Costumes and flair heavily encouraged. Get weird with it. Some flair provided. #GrassrootsGear also heavily encouraged. If you don’t have a shirt tagged, bring a shirt to tag. This part is the important part: show up EARLY for the tagging and the shots. Mugshots, that is.


Log your #RaceDay results on the NP tracker, found here or on the main November Project website under Record Results. #RaceDay finishing times from today will be compared to the previous #RaceDay times from July and the biggest negative split, wins #RaceDay and the Winner’s Cape.  Find out who the winner is next week!

Thank you for showing up, working your ass off and recruiting!

Have a great day!

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