Race Day in Boston

We all know that Boston is where it all started.  We’re the #Mothership of NP and we’re proud of that.  I have a lot of pride for our city, and our NP Tribe, but today’s blog is dedicated to all the other reasons we have to be proud, besides being the first.

I’m proud of how hard our tribe members train, not only for our workouts–as in, to get better at racing the stadium stairs on the last Wednesday of the month–but also for all the other 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons, marathons, ultras, adventure hikes, obstacle courses, and physical challenges of all kinds that we do.  And for how hard everyone trains for LIFE.  Look around at the number of people today who were taking it easy because they’re tapering for a half-marathon or marathon this weekend, and you’ll realize that we aren’t just working out for day-to-day fitness.  Yes that.  And badassery.  I’m proud because we use NP workouts and community to keep building our lives and athleticism and fierce racing spirit.

I’m proud of how generous our tribe members are with their time and energy–wild cheering, chanting, fuck-yeahing and general positivity while we all race our faces off.  And #paintcrew giving their time to get wildly high on spray paint fumes and making #crispasfuck brand new #grassrootsgear for the tribe.  The rumor is that Deniz can’t run stairs due to his injury but he still shows up to paint at 5:30 before he goes to work.  And Roger drives from Wooooooster to paint at 5:30 and then run at 6:30.  And Dan Adameitz took tagging to a new level.  We can’t talk about that publicly in the blog, but that happened.

I’m also proud of Race day in Boston. I love the sounds of race day…even when we don’t have DJ Phoenix blasting music–it’s just a good day to be in the stadium because it’s electric.  You can hear tribe members calling out people’s names.  The random “oh yeahs!” and “nice ass” and “Woo!” from every section.  You get the spontaneous and inspired call & response from Dana Bogan right at the moment you think you’re gonna die and then you find some wind in you to keep running stairs AND respond to that crowd-pleasing ditty.  It’s intense and fun and funny.  It’s weird and culty.  And it’s just so good.

I’m proud that people are fast as fuck and keep pushing the speed limit for a full tour (Brian Frake with an 18:19 PR), and I’m proud that people #justshowup and keep pushing to get faster, go farther, and find new fitness.  The stadium will always be hard so we just get to keep getting better at it.  Record your score today–how far, how fast did you go?  How big was your PR?  Whether you PR’d or not, let your new PR and your “not quite” PR make you hungry.  Set the clock for next month.  You have exactly 35 days until we race again.  Start the hype right now, dial in and get focused, because there’s nothing like Race Day in Boston.

The tribe is awesome.





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One Reply to “Race Day in Boston”

  1. I miss being an NP Wednesday regular.

    You would think that job searching would make it easier to #justshowup since I don’t have an office to clock into at 9 am, but I keep getting job interviews that are just early enough that I can’t get to NP & back in time.

    Maybe I can work my way back by showing up on Monday and/or Friday instead. I miss you all!

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